Curriculum Guide for Teaching Community College English
Teaching for Social Change

Ruth Kiefson

This is one of my favorite pictures of me. Itís hanging on
my refrigerator. ButÖ itís not how I look now.

This one is how I look now, showing off my henna hands at a wedding in India.

Welcome! Iím glad you found my site!

I work as an English professor at Roxbury Community College in the Boston area. Although Iíve taught many courses in the English Department, my calling is teaching Developmental Reading and Writing II, the course that prepares students for college-level English and their other college-level courses. On this website, youíll find essays that reflect different aspects about what Iíve learned about the art of teaching this course in a community college. Also, youíll find three complete curricula that are built around a core literary text.

Turning on young people to the world of ideas and a class analysis through reading and writing has been my lifeís work. I see my students as comrades and have learned a lot through my experience about transcending the interpersonal barriers that professionalism erects. As you may have guessed, Iím also a life-long radical and activist.

I am married and I have four children and six grandchildren, all of whom have taught me to be tolerant, flexible, and compassionate.